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RSW Software Delivers e-TEST Suite 4.0

RSW Software, a provider of Web application testing software, delivered e-TEST Suite 4.0, calling it a testing solution powerful enough to meet the requirements of large scale Web applications.

Enhancements include the ability to emulate tens of thousands of virtual users on low-cost NT workstations, to extend Visual Scripts using standard programming languages, and to track server-side statistics to help pinpoint performance bottlenecks once they are detected.

"The traffic volume and complexity of transaction oriented Web sites has risen dramatically over the past year, and with it the need for powerful testing tools has accelerated," said Anand Sundaram, director of product management and founder of RSW Software.

"e-TEST suite 4.0 now offers the only testing solution that combines the accuracy, scaleability, flexibility, and usability required to test large-scale e-business applications in Internet time."

e-TEST suite 4.0 offers the ability to generate significantly more load per agent machine by increasing the page throughput up to five times over previous versions.

This new feature, known as "Fast Client", can generate as many as 1000 virtual users per single-processor NT workstation and create tens of thousands of virtual users by distributing agents across multiple machines.

The e-REPORTER utility now has enhanced graphing and reporting capabilities including the ability to view multiple test runs on a single graph, combine server-side activity and client-side metrics in the same report, and create a broad variety of customized Excel style graphs and charts using the new reporting wizard.

Pricing for the e-TEST suite 4.0 for Windows-based platforms starts at $4,995.