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Focus Online Backs Canbox

German news magazine Focus Online is launching a Unified Messaging Service (UMS) with Canbox Communications GmbH.

The service offers a free, central communication control can be set up under the magazine's online service. Users are given a telephone number and email address with fax facility, Web-based telephone answering service, and a quota of SMS messages. Electronic news can then be called up and answered independent of location.

The service offers an extensive variety of additional functions such as e-mail administration and personal mail filters. The premium service allows letters and faxes to be sent and received, voicemailing and notification of all in-coming news items by means of SMS via a mobile telephone.

The UMS support function will be undertaken by the Interactive Communication Service (ICS) of the Media Service Group AG. Queries can be submitted and answered by e-mail, creating a new, low-cost way of serving clients' needs.

Canbox, a subsidiary of the Oldenburg Media Service Group AG, is to develop and operate the technological platform for the UMS.

The head of ICS, Gerhard Fründt, testifies to a positive customer response to this speedy and personal service, adding that swiftness of service is crucial in the Internet sector.

Focus Online is the largest online news agency in Germany according to the independent circulation controller IVW.