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Enron, Real Plan Broadband Streaming Service

Enron Communications Inc. is teaming with RealNetworks Inc. to deliver high-quality video broadcasts over Enron's fiber-optic network.

Enron specializes in delivering high-bandwidth content to businesses. The Enron Intelligent Network uses distributed servers and messaging technology to deliver the content over its network. Enron is expected to complete its 15,000-mile fiber-optic network later this year.

The system will use Real's G2 streaming technology and will allow Internet users to view video three times faster than regular telephone lines.

Len Jordan, RealNetworks' senior vice president of media systems, said the partnership is an effort to answer the challenges businesses confront when seeking to deliver high-quality streaming media over the Internet.

"We believe that the Enron Intelligent Network is meeting this challenge... This truly marks a pivotal event in the development of the Internet as the next powerful mass medium," he said.