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Network Solutions Changes Listing Information

Domain registrar Network Solutions this week changed its Whois directory listings to exclude the date domain names were registered.

Previously, individuals who went to Network Solutions' InterNIC registration service and searched on a domain name would see a detailed listing including who the name was registered to and when they registered it.

Network Solutions spokesman Chuck Gomes said the change was made for several reasons.

"It seemed reasonable that most registrants and even their agents should know the registration date for their domain names. Second, even if they do not keep accurate records of their anniversary date, we send out an e-mail 60 days in advance of the renewal date. Third, our payment terms are very clearly stated so registrants should be able to do the simple arithmetic to determine when a payment is due.

"There does not seem to be any reason why third parties need to know the anniversary date or status of domain names for which they have no association. If they feel they need this information, they should contact the registrant," he said.

Network Solutions has come under fire over the past few weeks from Web developers who say the service has been slow to register requested domains. In some cases, critics have said Network Solutions has told them a domain was available when it in fact was already registered.

The company blamed those problems on a spike in domain registrations.