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Kimec Corp. Selects SeeItFirst.com For Video

Japanese-based Kimec Corp. agreed Tuesday to use SeeItFirst.com's interactive streaming video technology to create Web-based content that will be used to promote Kobe and the surrounding region as a center of industry and technology.

Kimec will use SeeItFirst.com technology to elevate the Company's information service projects as well as promote the City of Kobe's online earthquake revival efforts.

Kimec's strategy for urban development emphasizes multimedia, entertainment, and local culture. Kimec develops new media that combine the Internet, telephone, facsimile, fiber optics and digital media production.

"SeeItFirst.com provides a very practical yet highly interactive tool for viewing streaming video. This is a key component to Kimec, considering what a media rich web community we support," said Mr. Toshikazu Tanaka, senior managing director & CEO.

"Also, SeeItFirst.com provides a very engaging technology for Kimec's business purposes. This allows us to become a value-added information service provider for Kobe City's reviving project," added another official.

Kimec Corp. uses information technology to help develop rich media content for clients.

This will offer a longer lasting amount of user impressions, making Kimec's community a place where visitors spend more time and providing Kimec's clients a rich solution for online advertising.