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UK Government Launches Energy Efficiency Web Site

Energy Efficiency Minister Lord Whitty launched a new Web site Monday that aims to help consumers make decisions about which products are the most energy efficient.

The site also contains a wealth of information for retail buyers and other business users.

The new site, which can be reached at www.mtprog.com, comes from the DETR's Market Transformation Programme (MTP). Research into which TVs, VCRs and other products are most energy efficient has been conducted using methods developed in conjunction with the Consumers Association.

"Consumers want exciting new digital electronic services in their homes - and the Government wants to help that happen - but without a hidden environmental price tag," Lord Whitty told the Consumer Electronic Conference.

"TVs, VCRs and all the other electronic products are using increasingly efficient technologies. But it is the sheer numbers of these products in our homes, especially those left on stand-by, which is causing concern. Current projections for this market sector suggest that energy consumption could increase by 70 per cent by 2010 and double by the year 2015."

With over 40 per cent of the UK's population expected to add digital television to their homes by the end of 2002, energy efficiency is becoming a major issue. The new site will help people save money on their electricity bills by choosing the most energy efficient products.

The DETR's Market Transformation Programme is managed by ETSU, part of AEA Technology Environment.