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lastminute.com Will Recruit "Student Brand Managers"

lastminute.com has announced that it intends to use student ambassadors to promote its services within universities.

It says it will launch its "Student Brand Manager Programme" in January 2000.

Students will not have to give up their studies to work for lastminute.com, but they will be expected to conduct research, run publicity campaigns, and organise promotions on their campuses. They will also attend meetings with executives at lastminute.com to discuss how best to go about their tasks.

"We feel this is an appropriately innovative way for us to grow awareness and usage of lastminute.com amongst students - a new but hugely exciting market opportunity for us," said Carl Lyons, marketing manager at lastminute.com.

"We are really excited by the programme - it is the most credible and effective way for us to gain insights and access to a market that is notoriously difficult to target whilst at the same time nurturing student talent and encouraging Britains next generation of e-pioneers."

The concept of using university students in this way comes from the marketing company Get Real!

"Its a great opportunity for any student interested in getting a serious head start in an Internet related career," said Alexandra Saint-Marc, co-founder and director of Get Real!