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Wooltru Group Eyes e-Commerce

Retail group Wooltru revealed plans to adapt its business to take advantage of electronic commerce opportunities.

Speaking at the company's annual general meeting in Cape Town, Wooltru Chief Executive Colin Hall noted how the marketplace has seen a transition from traditional models of profit, growth and return towards newer models whereby the most valuable resource a company has at its disposal is the number and quality of customer relationships.

Hall commented that the Internet commerce revolution has created this shift in focus and it would be foolhardy to buck the trend and not adapt existing business solutions to meet the internet challenge.

"The opportunities that exist in e-Commerce is what Wooltru holds most dearly in the new millenium." he said.

Hall cited the example of Amazon.com, the second largest bookseller selling to a South African audiences, and noted how Amazon have been able to take advantage of good customer relationship base in order to increase their worldwide sales revenue.

"Amazon.com have expanded tremendously," he said, "but they don't have the customer relationship base, distribution skills and database that Woo