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reallymoving.com Makes Relocation Easy in the UK

A new site promises to make moving homes much easier in the UK as of Monday.

Named reallymoving.com, it claims its services will help people find properties, hire a solicitor, and choose a removal company among its many other useful services.

Founded by managing director Rob Houghton and finance director James Barford, reallymoving.com intends to cover all the essential services involved with moving home. Free to users, it offers a selection of real time on-line quotes on a 24/7 basis.

Among the features of the site are a database of thousands of properties for sale and rent, powered by Internet Property Finder. There is also a planner and reminder service that help people make sure everything in the moving process happens at the right time. The service will remind you when to book a structural survey -- and how and when to tell the utility companies about your move.

Similar sites have been running in the United States for a few years, including the well-known moving.com. However, reallymoving.com is the first UK site to address systematically all the issues associated with moving.

Designed by Interactive Business Solutions, reallymoving.com is pioneering the on-line quotation system. Quoting and reminder services have been developed for the site by the Surrey, UK-based venture technology Internet company Silk Road.