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France Telecom Launches VoiLa Portal in UK

France Telecom this week launched its highly successful international portal VoiLa in the UK, at www.voila.co.uk.

VoiLa's UK launch adds another major market to the 80 million page-per-month portal which has already been introduced to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the U.S. and Canada. It first appeared in France in July 1998.

France Telecom says that Voila's international strategy is founded on the two main principles of having strong search tools and local content.

VoiLa will have a UK directory, together with a unique search facility that uses thematic search engine (TSE) technology. This allows users to search for information on specific topics, retrieving only those URLs that are relevant.

For the UK market, VoiLa has established partnerships with other information providers, including Sports.com, The British Tourist Authority, Simply Food, Popcorn and Auto Trader.

France Telecom's other major European Internet brand is Wanadoo, the major Internet service in France. With 47 million pages served each month, Wanadoo offers Yellow Pages, road routes, e-commerce and many other facilities.

France Telecom, which had revenues of 24.6 billion euros ($25 billion) in 1998, operates in more than 50 countries.