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AltaVista Offers Free Internet Access in Canada

AltaVista Company this week began offering free dial-up access to users throughout Canada.

AltaVista's free Internet service couples online access with the AltaVista microportal, a small desktop window meant to allow instant search, view and customization Web content.

AltaVista's free dial-up Internet service is available through local phone numbers to users nationwide. The service covers more than 85 percent of the country.

"Canada is the first expansion of our free service outside of the successful offering in the United States, and we are pleased to be working with a Canadian service provider," said Bill Keenan, director of AltaVista Free Access.

PSINet Ltd., a Canadian-based subsidiary of PSINet Inc., provides its dial-up network to AltaVista Free Access users in Canada through an agreement with 1stUp.com. A customer support hotline is also available.