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Kidz.net Launches UK Service

Kidz.net, which provides a subscriber-based Internet service for families and schools, has launched in the UK.

It opened its European headquarters in London and its new service on www.kidznet.co.uk.

Kidz.net takes an original approach to providing subscription-based services. It selects and reviews Web sites for their suitability, then makes them available through a specially designed browser.

Over a hundred thousand sites are included in the Kidz.net scheme, divided into six channels. Excluded are any sites dealing with drugs, guns, pornography, etc. Users cannot jump to unsuitable sites from those that are permitted, says the vendor.

"Education sites are linked directly with The National Curriculum making this one of the biggest and best secure resources of its type available," said Mark Watson, group communications director of Kidz.net.

"In the near future you will witness Kidz.net evolve into a complete electronic community serving all the needs of the family in all age groups."

Kidz.net, founded in the United States, has evolved a strategy to make its service a global resource. Its European partners include World Online and it has already established an office in Australia.

Kidz.net is being provided in the UK at a monthly fee of £2.95 ($4.70), or a special introductory annual fee of £29.95 ($48). A free, entry-level service is being offered to schools.