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Conexant Provides Standards-Based Cable Modem Design

Conexant Systems Inc. Monday introduced a comprehensive cable modem reference design that supports all popular worldwide cable-modem standards.

Conexant (CNXT) said that it provides the software and platform while manufacturers add their own box and branding. Conexant's CN9420CM cable modem reference design will be sold exclusively to cable-modem manufacturers, although pricing was not disclosed.

The CN9420CM reference design includes a suite of driver, application and operating system code, and as well as application software such as registration, authentication and software downloading. Rounding out the design is the ready-to-manufacture cable-modem board, plus all of the schematics, board lay-out files, documentation and input/output port cables.

"Until now, cable-modem manufacturers either had to develop their own application software, or use software from multiple other sources to create a total solution," said John Graham, vice president of marketing for Conexant's Digital Infotainment Division.

"This is the first cable modem design platform that has been developed from the ground up as a complete system solution including hardware, software and all the other components required for a finished product. Plus, it's the only platform that supports today's industry standards and can be software-upgraded to new features sets and standards..."