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Media 100 Unveils iFinish

Media 100 Inc. tuesday announced the iFinish family of streaming media production systems for Windows NT.

By integrating key streaming media technologies from its Terran Interactive subsidiary, Media 100 said it is enabling content developers to produce and deliver high-quality audio and video over the Internet.

iFinish is designed to support input from virtually any video device or graphics application, allows creation of high-quality video and audio content, and supports output to all streaming media formats. iFinish also supports real-time MPEG-2 encoding for the DVD authoring and digital broadcast markets.

"Media 100 is pioneering the next phase of content delivery over the Internet -- and it is all about broadcast-quality streaming media," said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100. "Businesses, broadcasters and even Hollywood are turning to the Internet to reach their audiences with highly-visual streaming media content. We're giving them the tools today to make this new form of content delivery a reality."

iFinish systems integrate Media Cleaner EZ Version 4.0. Media Cleaner is the industry standard for Internet video compression and image optimization, providing the highest quality streaming video on the Web. Media Cleaner outputs to all industry standard streaming media formats including RealNetworks' RealSystem G2, Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies and Apple Computer's QuickTime 4. The integration of Media Cleaner allows iFinish to output to these streaming media formats, providing maximum image quality while optimizing for bandwidth and storage utilization.

The iFinish RealTimeMPEG Option provides real-time output of MPEG-2 files in both variable and constant bit rate format. This MPEG option is priced at $2,995, and provides control over output image quality via a compression monitor and control settings, giving users the ability to optimize MPEG-2 compression for bandwidth and file size considerations.

The company also touts tight integration between iFinish and Adobe After Effects, which equals productivity gains for video professionals.