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DoubleClick Sues Aussie Rival

Internet ad giant DoubleClick has commenced legal action against Australian rival Sabela Media.

DoubleClick launched the law suit against last week, claiming the Sydney-based Sabela had infringed its patent on the technology known as "adserving."

Adserving technology delivers online advertisements to Web sites, and manages and measures the number of units delivered to help clients determine the click through response rate from the campaign.

DoubleClick applied for the patent to this technology in 1996, which was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office in September.

Although Sabela's executive chairman and co-founder Gour Lentell was unavailable for comment before press time, the timing of the law suit has come at a time when Sabela was seeking to secure an AUS$18.2 million (US$12 million) injection of capital from a group of US venture capitalists, that would aid its move into the US market.

This follows on from a AUS$3.1 million investment the company received from Japanese mobile phone battery manufacturer Tokado, which fueled Sabela's initial move into the US market.