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X10.com Has XRay Vision

X10.com has combined its 2.4GHz wireless platform with USB technology to offer the XRay Vision Kit which can capture and send images remotely via the Internet from anywhere in the home or office.

The XRay Vision Kit features X10.com's XCam Anywhere, a small, indoor-outdoor mini-color video camera that transmits video and sound wirelessly from one location in the home to a desktop PC, TV, or VCR with added proprietary Internet photo capture and remote viewing software.

X10.com's Video Sender 2.4-gigahertz wireless broadcast system converts the signal from the camera into Radio Frequency broadcasts. These broadcasts are captured by the 2.4-gigahertz Receiver and then transmitted to the PC via the included USB converter.

"The Internet photo capture and remote viewing software in this kit is without exception one of the key developments in X10.com's strategy for extending the reach of the PC," said Alex Peder, president, X10.com. "Just imagine the power of being able to reach beyond the desktop with this wireless solution to capture images for email and conferences from anywhere in the home. The XRay Vision Kit is truly the best of both the wireless and USB video camera products available today."

The XRay Vision Kit is available for $199.99