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Telewest To Introduce Unmetered Access

Broadband supplier Telewest has announced that it will launch an unmetered Internet access service for £10 ($16) per month, starting February 14.

The new service, following fresh on the heels of BT's recent unmetered access announcement, will be run in conjunction with Microsoft Networks.

Five years ago it was Demon Internet that launched the "tenner-a-month" service which effectively kick-started the Internet industry in the UK. However, Demon's service -- along with all the so-called "free" services that have since appeared -- did not include the cost of the telephone call.

The Telewest service, which will be called SurfUnlimited, involves no telephone charges as it goes to the consumer via cable.

"SurfUnlimited will be an unbeatable Internet service that will remove the cost concern stopping many people from surfing the Net whenever they want and for as long as they want," said Tony Illsley, chief executive of Telewest Communications.

"Our high capacity broadband network makes us ideally placed to be first to market in the delivery of high quality Internet services to the home and the office."

Internet Magazine, which runs continuous tests of all the major ISPs in the UK, has twice chosen Telewest's 'Cable Internet' as ISP of the Month. Now, Cable Internet will be relaunched with a portal created jointly with Microsoft Networks.

"It is the strength and speed of Telewest's broadband infrastructure, coupled with our close working relationship that have encouraged us to co-develop a new portal for Telewest's Cable Internet ISP," said Judy Gibbons, managing director of MSN, Microsoft's online service.

The new service is aimed at individual consumers, but Telewest has said that it also plans to launch an unlimited Internet access service for the business market in the first three months of next year.