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Worldwide Online Corp. Launches Linux Development Division

Worldwide Online Corp. recently unveiled its Linux Development Division with the focus of bringing Linux-based application solutions to mid- and large-sized clients.

The firm's Linux experience dates to the company's beginning in 1995. Since then it has dealt with Linux and Linux support issues, and the new Linux Development Division is an outgrowth of that experience.

"We've always dealt with Linux support issues, but until now most of our customers have not been made aware of our expertise. There are a lot of companies which understand the value of installing Linux servers, using Linux as a network device, or even as a router or VPN enabler, but they are intimidated because of the lack of commercial support," said David Emmerson, VP of Strategic Development and head of the new division. He added that the company will guide clients through Linux related design or implementation issues.

The new division's first sale is a Linux/Apache-based firewall solution for a large, national client.

"Our firewall solution, which we've dubbed LnxFirewall, will block intruders, act as a DMZ for the client network and as a repository for the latest, anti-virus protection software," said Romeo Colacitti, president of Worldwide Online.

Worldwide Online Corp. is a Toronto-based ISP and Internet Business Solution Provider. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Worldwide Data, Inc.