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Tele1 Europe Makes Acquisition, Broadband Alliance

New Nordic ISP and telco Tele1 Europe has acquired a smaller but fast-growing ISP, WinEasy, and made a significant investment in broadband.

Sources say that Tele1 Europe may have paid as much as SEK 153 million ($18 million) for WinEasy. The major owner is its founder and CEO, Johannes Bertorp, who will continue in the same role. WinEasy will remain as a subsidiary to Tele1.

"We are very pleased with the deal we made with Tele1 Europe, because it gives us the possibility to continue to grow more aggressive in the Nordic countries," said Johannes Bertorp, CEO of WinEasy.

WinEasy has enlisted about 2,500 corporate customers, including Nokia, Hewlett Packard, Anderson Consulting and KPMG.

In the broadband arena, Tele1 Europe recently forged a strategic partnership with Lucent Technologies where Lucent will become the main supplier regarding the equipment for building a broadband network.

Tele1 will invest nearly SEK 1 billion (more than $100 million) for building the new high speed infrastructure.

Tele1 Europe AB has its head quarter in Stockholm and operates in all the Nordic countries.