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QSound Labs, 4Front Provide Linux with Improved Audio

QSound Labs, Inc. and 4Front Technologies recently launched iQ for Linux, a software plug-in for XMMS.

XMMS is a cross platform MP3 and multimedia player popular on Linux that now comes bundled with all popular Linux distributions, such as Corel Linux, SuSE, Mandrake, and Red Hat Linux. XMMS is being released under an open source license with a large number of developers.

"Today's Internet audio announcement is a further testament to theexecution of our strategy to increase the accessibility of our innovative 3D audio products. We are proud to say that we are theonly 3D audio company with software solutions available for all 3DInternet and MP3 platforms," said David Gallagher, president and CEO of QSound Labs.

iQ is one of the first "third party" plug-ins to be integrated into the XMMS, making it easier for Linux users to enjoy enhanced audio experience over the Internet, the companies said. iQ converts mono signals to stereo and stereo to 3D, adding immersive audio to the XMMS player. iQ is available immediately with a suggested price of $10.