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Big Entertainment Launches Hollywood.com in Brazil

Br.Hollywood went online this week as an anchor for the AOL/America Latina entertainment channel for Brazil.

The two companies have signed a multi-year agreement for content commercialization, in which the Hollywood.com site will have an anchor position in the entertainment channels in AOL services throughout Latin America.

Big Entertainment will also launch the Spanish versions of Hollywood.com, created especially for Argentina and Mexico, together with the start up of the services of AOL/America Latina in these countries, so that later they can offer the service to the rest of Latin America.

"As Brazil alone has nearly half of all Internet users in Latin America, starting Hollywood.com in Brazil was the first obvious step to establish a dominant presence in the movie and entertainment market over the Internet in Latin America," said Mitchell Rubenstein, chairman and CEO of Big Entertainment. "According to recent studies the Internet user base in Brazil will be at least four times bigger in the near future, reaching 10 million people by 2003."

The Br.hollywood.com site offers the same content on movies and celebrities that is offered in Hollywood.com, but is adapted for movie fans in Brazil.