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Canadian Site Owner Sued in Pro Sports Fight

Officials from four pro sports leagues this week sued a Canadian businessman over what they term deceptive domain name usage.

Jeff Burgar faces allegations of trademark infringment and deception for using popular sports team names in e-mail addresses sold on his flairmail.com site, according to an Associated Press report.

Baseball, football, hockey and basketball officials filed the claim in a New York court, hoping to bar Burgar's use of sports team-themed addresses. According to the report, the plaintiff says users might expect league newsletters and other fan perks as part of the package, and might blame the organizations for spam they could receive after signing up for the specialized address.

The league members are suing for the transfer of the domain names to their organizations under the new federal domain trademark laws, and also seek unspecified damages, the report said.

Flairmail reportedly lists around 175 sports team names in its roster of "stylish" e-mail addresses, as well as celebrity fan communities, Tarot readings, and other astrology services.