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Network Solutions Takes Domain Disputes Online

Domain name registrar Network Solutions Inc. Monday launched DomainMagistrate.com , which will enable clients to resolve cybersquatting disputes online.

The new site provides a roadmap to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, which was recently adopted by the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers and is mandated for all registrars in the .com, .net and .org domain names.

Network Solutions established its former Domain Name Dispute Policy in July 1995 to balance the rights of domain name registrants and registered trademark owners, but is no longer accepting any new trademark complaints under its former policy.

Network Solutions is notifying past complainants and domain name registrants that all domain names which have been placed on "hold" under the terms of the former Domain Name Dispute Policy will be reactivated during the first quarter of 2000, unless the parties file a complaint under the new UDRP or a civil action.

The UDRP differs from Network Solutions' (NSOL) former policy in several ways:

  • Under the UDRP, domain names will not be placed on "hold," thereby allowing the customer to continue to use the domain name throughout the dispute process
  • The UDRP applies to all state and common law trademarks, as well as to nationally registered trademarks
  • The new UDRP allows complainants to include any domain name that is confusingly similar to their trademark as well as a domain name which is identical to their trademark

Organizations qualified to offer the dispute resolution process are included on the DomainMagistrate.com Web site.

Parties may contact Network Solutions about the status of a dispute or the UDRP, by e-mailing Network Solutions at resolution@netsol.com.

Two weeks ago, Network Solutions said it was considering separating registry and registrar businesses to be eligible to continue to operate the database for the federal government for another four years. It also said it will split its shares 2-for-1 and sell more shares.

Network Solutions has handled nearly 9,000 domain name disputes and is the world's leading registrar with more than 6.5 million net registrations.