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Tranz-Send to Intro Studio-in-a-Pocket

Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network is scheduled to announce the release of the MediaPocket and the MediaMan media appliances at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

The devices are portable handheld appliances designed to enable users to view and interact with high quality wireless video Webcasts as well as to create and broadcast multimedia productions.

The MediaPocket requires connection to a cell phone whereas the MediaMan is a self-contained wireless version. The MediaPocket can connect to the Internet using wireless phone technology along with existing radio and TV broadcast sub-carrier frequencies.

MediaMan provides a wireless connection to the Internet via a variety of plug-in wireless modem modules and is also compliant with most wireless technologies. The devices will enable consumers to interact with outdoor media and make purchases or automatically acquire information from other media sources like radio broadcasts and kiosks using a proprietary proximity sensor, the firm said.

Both devices allow the LCD screen to be removed and replaced by a wearable screen such as the Sony Glasstron or the Olympus Eye-Trek computer eyewear. The MediaMan and MediaPocket also include a clip-on CMOS camera for capturing still and full motion digital video images, plus an electronic organizer that can send and receive data.

"Our new MediaPocket and MediaMan are the ultimate portable Internet appliances," said Scott Redmond, Tranz-Send ClickMovie chief executive officer. "Not only can you now receive and view high resolution video and multimedia media anywhere you are, you can now create and upload your own productions. At a trade show, business people can capture a video of a product, add some text and voice-over, and then send it via the Internet back to the home office."

The MediaPocket and MediaMan are slated to be available summer of 2000 by various branded partners. MediaMan is a fully standalone device and is priced at $350. MediaPocket is Media Man minus the transceiver circuit and plus a cell phone cable -- MSRP of $250.00.