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China Telecom Joins GRIC Alliance Network

GRIC Communications, Inc. this week announced a new partnership with China Telecom aimed at raising GRIC's profile in China.

GRIC delivers access and termination for IP telephony (voice, prepaid, fax), IP roaming, and corporate secure remote access.

With the partnership, China Telecom becomes a member of the GRIC Alliance Network and will offer GRIC's global remote Internet access services to its users, currently estimated at four million.

The company says that ISPs and telcos in GRIC's Alliance Network will also benefit from the expanded coverage, enjoying increased traffic opportunities in China.

By partnering with China Telecom, GRIC adds 42 points of presence (POPs) in 42 different Chinese cities, increasing their China POPs from eight to 50.

China Telecom has installed GRICtraveler software, which allows their customers to log into the Internet from almost anywhere in the world via a local GRIC-affiliated ISP; GRIC's 300-member Alliance has over 4,000 dial-up POPs in 145 countries.

Yi Hu Han, deputy director of China Telecom's International Telecommunications Division, said that GRIC was selected because of their consistent service and the breadth of their worldwide alliance.

"Leveraging the GRIC Alliance Network, our customers can take advantage of a reliable, easy-to-use solution for accessing e-mail and the Internet while traveling," added Yi.