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VA Linux Systems Debuts Service for Open Source Apps

In an attempt to reach the growing open source community, Linux software distributor VA Linux Systems Tuesday launched a suite of hosting and communication tools.

VA Linux (LNUX) will expand into the application service provider industry with SourceForge, a free service for those developing open source projects. It hosts a range of tools and applications including Web server space, version control tools, applications for chat, e-commerce, FTP, IRC, mail, news and the Web, as well as business, scientific and educational applications.

SourceForge provides the tools and resources open source developers need to develop and maintain software in today's Internet environment, said Larry M. Augustin, VA Linux president and chief executive officer.

"On SourceForge, developers can realize the best of both worlds: the quality and flexibility of open source software development and the extensive resources available through a well staffed, responsive application service provider," said Augustin.

"SourceForge represents a dramatic departure from the traditional practices of proprietary software vendors, empowering software developers and users to work together to create their own future."

The company reports that more than 300 developers have already registered for the service.

VA Linux made history last month when it went public with the largest first-day gain in IPO history.