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Vestel USA Announces Internet.TV

Vestel USA, Inc. Thursday announced the Vestel Internet.TV with built-in set-top box functionality to provide home consumers with Internet access, e-mail and shopping via their televisions.

Vestel Internet.TV is based on the Microsoft TV platform. Through the TV's remote control and a wireless keyboard, Vestel Internet.TV is designed to enable TV viewers to have one-click access to Web-based applications and content such as e-mail, online shopping, stock quotes, sports, news and weather forecasts -- all while they simultaneously view television programs.

"As a leading service design manufacturer of Information Appliances, we are planning to deliver a rich television and Web experience to millions of TV viewers," said Selcuk N. Caglar, president and CEO, Vestel USA. "Vestel will leverage the functionality and familiarity of Microsoft TV, as well as its broad industry acceptance to further drive consumer adoption."

"It is rewarding to see Vestel's vision come to fruition," said Phil Goldman, general manager, TV Platform Group at Microsoft Corp. "Television viewers will be able to reap the benefits of enhanced television, enjoying the ability to shop and stay in touch with family and friends via the Internet as well as experience more engaging, interactive programming, all on their television."

Vestel Internet.TV delivers personalized, interactive television viewing by allowing users to communicate through email, browse the Web, conduct searches and access interactive content. Consumers connect a telephone line to the Vestel Internet.TV to surf the Web while viewing television. Vestel Internet.TV is DVD ready, features advanced 3D graphics capabilities and includes parental blocking capabilities to restrict access to non-desirable Web sites. Vestel Internet.TV supports both PAL and NTSC picture formats and a variety of languages.

Vestel's Internet.TV is set to be available in the second quarter.