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Westwind Media.com Adds German Site

Westwind Media.com Friday announced the addition of Bertelsmann Online, an online media shop to its growing list of clients.

Utilizing Westwind's unique capabilities, BOL.com will be provided initially with foreign online music channels, one in Germany and the other in the United Kingdom.

Both channels will provide BOL.com users with one music channel showcasing hits from each country. Multimedia specialists have developed custom player boxes specifically branded for each country. Two additional channels will be launching in the first quarter of this year.

Westwind Media business strategy has been co-locating servers overseas. Through a direct connection between Westwind's hardware infrastructure in Denver, and its broadcast and delivery servers overseas, Westwind Media has targeted companies who wish to have streaming media placed on their site abroad, and maintained by studio and technical staff in Denver.

"It is truly amazing the business opportunities that exist for high-quality, multi-media technology overseas," says Kevin France, chief executive officer of Westwind Media.com.

"We will utilize our proprietary technology and syndication model to successfully attack the international markets over the coming months."