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Cap Gemini, Oracle to Offer Wireless Solution to Telcos

Oracle and European system integrator Cap Gemini plan to deliver integrated wireless telecoms solutions based on Oracle's Portal-to-Go product.

Cap Gemini says it has already established centers in Holland and France where development will take place, with others planned for the United States and Singapore.

"Industry research has shown the wireless data services market to be growing at an exponential rate, particularly in Europe where the carriers are most advanced," said Nick Gregory, product marketing director at Oracle UK.

The combination of Cap Gemini's expertise and Oracle's complete wireless portal solution will enable telecoms operators to extend their businesses to the wireless Internet.

Eden Zoller, an Ovum consultant and co-author of a forthcoming report on wireless portals, commented that the provision of wireless Internet and e-commerce services would be an essential service, but only the first step in a long, competitive battle.

"The real winners will be those operators that can turn these services into integrated, end-to-end solutions that are tailored to a customer's particular needs," said Zoller.

Cap Gemini and Oracle will seek joint clients and use their respective geographic strengths to gain a market share quickly.

Alexandre Haeffner, president of Cap Gemini Telecom & Media, said that his firm was strategically placed to accelerate the development of the wireless Internet around Oracle Portal-to-Go.

"With our extensive knowledge of the European market place in general and the wireless and Internet businesses in particular, Cap Gemini can bring the telecom industry into the competitive realm by showing it the way to innovative and powerful e-business applications and services based on Oracle."

With 305 million wireless handsets in use, the potential market is substantially larger than the Internet itself. Oracle Portal-to-Go, with its web, database and security features, enables wireless carriers to become e-commerce service providers.

The announcement comes in a busy week for the wireless Internet industry, following the recent major strategy announcement by the U.K.'s Vodaphone AirTouch.