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eBay Germany Steps Up Security

Internet auctioneer eBay Germany, which claims to be the current "undisputed market leader", has reacted to recent security problems and user complaints by improving its existing security features.

The first step is the introduction of a new type of certificate called an "eBay tested member guarantee", with which each auction user can be positively identified at any time, having deposited an attested copy of his personal identification card with the company. At present, online registration is possible without any real proof of identification.

eBay also moved to give the buyer more control over the sale. Now, for example, before the amount is actually credited to the seller, the buyer is first able to view the goods he wishes to buy.

A major, but as yet unnamed bank, has set up a "trustees account" for this purpose, and delivery and collection will occur through a logistics company.

As a third new measure, the existing "transaction guarantee sum" has been increased to DEM1,000 ($518), which will have to be paid in cases of misuse.

Nevertheless, eBay co-founder Marc Samwer believes that due to the sheer number of auctions which take place simultaneously on the site, "it may prove unavoidable that the occasional black sheep will creep its way onto our platform."

The auction provider currently earns a 3 percent commission for the first 1,000 Marks in successful auctions.