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Picking Winners: The Seven Keys

With more than 350 Internet focused companies jockeying for market positions and high public market values picking long-term winners in the Internet space is no easy task.

Reporter@Large believes that only a fraction of the stocks listed in WSRN.com's Internet sectors), including business-to-business e-commerce stocks will ultimately survive. Most companies will either consolidate or fail. The time horizon I'm looking at is five years and not included are the companies preparing to go public. The following factors are critical in finding long-term winners in the Internet space. Reporter@Large has labeled the methodology, "Picking Winners."

Early Movers

It's good to be an early mover, but Reporter@Large especially likes first movers. First movers garner what is now widely known as a First Mover Advantage (FMA). Why is it important to be an early mover? For obvious reasons, early movers are able to most easily capture mind-share and market-share. Early movers are able to exploit their advantage by acquiring customers at lower costs, earlier than competitors, in the race for the top spot in a market.

First movers like Amazon.com (AMZN) are given premiums due to their ability to tap into capital markets first, and then use that financing to distance themselves from their competitors. The idea is get big fast! Players: Amazon.com, Yahoo! (YHOO), America Online (AOL), Broadcom Corp. (BRCM), Cisco Systems (CSCO), CMGI (CMGI), Commerce One (CMRC), Doubleclick (DCLK), eBay (EBAY), E-Loan (EELN), eToys (ETYS), E*Trade Group (EGRP), Exodus Communications (EXDS), FatBrain.com (FATB), Healtheon (HLTH), InfoSpace.com (INSP), Inktomi (INKT), Internet Capital Group (ICGE), Kana Communications (KANA), NetZero