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Hiwire Launches Audience Savvy Tuner

Hiwire Inc. (formerly Rocketradio) Thursday introduced its desktop application Internet radio tuner with audience-measuring capabilities.

Since the Hiwire tuner provides an audience measurement system, broadcasters will have access to anonymous user demographics that will enable insertion of local audio spots anywhere.

An advertiser can work with a large number of stations by specifying certain criteria for the delivery of audio ads. When a listener who matches the criteria is tuned in, the relevant ad can be inserted.

"Hiwire supports diversity on the dial -- for both radio stations and listeners. Our partners are very excited to be working with us because we offer them an opportunity to realize commercial benefits from listeners outside of their normal sales network," said Jim Pavilack, co-founder and president.

Features include:
  • It is Codec Agnostic, with over 3000 station choices currently encompassing most Windows Media and Real Audio streams
  • Direct link to a streaming station's website for playlists, purchases and feedback
  • Stations can be instantly reorganized by Format (Jazz, Variety, Talk, etc...), Country or City of origin
  • A simple click-and-hold preset bar
  • Chat built into the Tuner interface for each station
  • A search feature that scans all the listed stations for programming and meta data
  • Dynamic updating of the Tuner and Station List to avoid clicking on expired links

"As traditional broadcasting moves to the internet users become audience members -- with an audience's expectations. Our tuner makes it fast and simple for anyone to find and play streaming radio & TV," said Jim Lambert, co-founder and vice president of research and development.