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lastminute.com Launches in Sweden

lastminute.com announced this week the launch of its Swedish service at lastminute.se.

Already the most successful travel-related online business in the U.K., lastminute.com has set its sights on reaching a global market. The Swedish site will act as the hub for Scandinavia, where a team is preparing localized versions for Denmark and Norway.

"Scandinavia is a key component in our commitment to build a global last minute market place," said Brent Hoberman, managing director and co-founder of lastminute.com.

Hoberman noted that Scandinavia has the highest levels of Internet penetration in the world and a very sophisticated Internet audience which he expected would be receptive to the lastminute.com approach.

In Sweden, lastminute.com has established relationships with over 40 Scandinavian partners. The include Resia flight ticketing services, Resfeber for marketing, and Scandinavia Online for distribution.

French, German and U.K. versions of lastminute.com are already running with a full range of late offers. The opportunities include travel, leisure, gifts and auctions and even more unusual activities such as dogsledding and ballooning.