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Lansonic Intros Networked, MP3 Stereo

Lansonic Monday introduced the Digital Audio Server (DAS-750), a networked audio component designed to deliver streaming media to the home entertainment center.

Equipped with an Ethernet connection, the DAS-750 links to your Local Area Network (LAN) and is able to play MP3 files from PCs on the network or directly from the internal 13GB hard drive.

The DAS-750 has the capability to play streaming files from the Internet or encode files in real time for streaming to another location on the network.

"One of the unique features of the DAS-750 is its ability to interface your stereo system to a PC network. This provides access to MP3 files as well as control of stereo equipment connected to another Digital Audio Server," said Paul Salvo, director of business development.

The DAS-750 also supports the Serial Copy Management System and automatic look up of audio data through the CD Data Base.

The DAS-750 is designed to look and feel like traditional high-end stereo components and features a QuickSpin Dial for easy navigation and selection.