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Domain Competition Clicks Into Place in Australia

The Australian domain registrar community will watch closely the entry of a new company in February called ClicknGo! which could change the dynamics of the small but lucrative industry.

Due to launch on February 1, the new company will be only the second registrar to have direct access to the registrar operations of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), albeit indirectly through a third party. The first was Internet Names Worldwide, or INWW, although some other Australian companies also use the ICANN accreditation for the Council of Internet Registrars.

More interesting to the Australian industry is the promise on its Web site that it will become the cheapest provider of generic top-level domains like .com, .net and .org in Australia. Its list price for a two-year registration of a gTLD domain name is AUS$80 (US$53), compared to the charge of AUS$53 per annum (US$35) levied by incumbent registrars like INWW and Network Solutions.

ClicknGo! is also trying to lure away domain resellers away from Internet Worldwide with the promise that it will not charge upfront fees. INWW's policy of requiring up to a thousand dollars to be held in a neutral bank account in order to gain maximum reseller discounts has angered some in the industry in the past.

The new company said it would also halve its rates for the first week of its operation.