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Brazilian Firm Shows Online Voting Overview to White House

Brazilian information security company Módulo Security Solutions last week the joined the White House e-Commerce Working Group to present the firm's experience in online voting for Brazil's most recent elections.

The committee, which was formed under the approval of vice president Al Gore, was created to guide President Bill Clinton in matters related to e-commerce, including the issue of online voting. Present at the recent meeting were American company Safevote Inc., Módulo's technology partner, and the Internet Voting Technology Alliance.

According to interviews which Módulo conducted with several U.S. state authorities, many of which still use paper ballots, each vote costs tax payers from $1.00 to $7.00. The American districts are already considering the possibility of migrating from the traditional method to the vote over the Internet.

"Due to demographic and territorial similarities of the two countries we believe the work presented at the White House will be valuable for the implementation of voting over the Internet in the United States," said Fernando Nery, Módulo's board president. "The Brazilian election project was mentioned at the Microsoft site as one of the main security cases in the world," he added.

As in the traditional ballot system, the Internet vote needs secrecy, legality and anonymity. Módulo and the American company Safevote together are developing the software and the protocols needed for this application.

Safevote and Módulo also presented their safe vote solution over the Internet in Mexico, Mozambique and Singapore.