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VizStream WebKit Enables 3D

RealityWave Monday introduced VizStream WebKit version 2.0, for distributing 3D models and environments on a Web site.

The WebKit offers new viewing capabilities and faster overall rendering. Developers can post large, complex 3D models and environments on a Web site where visitors can interact with the 3D content by examining a model or by walking through an environment.

Examination features include rotating, zooming in/out and inspection of separate parts, as well as sub-assemblies. The walkthrough environment includes moving forward and backward through the environment, panning left and right, looking up and down and flying above the scene.

"The VizStream WebKit will be a great way for Solid Edge Version 8 users to further capitalize on their existing 3D Solid Edge models by using them in Internet applications," said Bill McClure, director of the Solid Edge Line of Business at Unigraphics Solutions.

"With the VizStream WebKit, RealityWave is targeting companies that already have 3D content. We can provide a means to use that content as a marketing tool on their Website," said Bard Salmon, RealityWave's president and chief executive officer.

"The VizStream WebKit can make a site stand out, while providing a more intuitive experience for the user, whether they are buying a bicycle or taking a virtual campus tour. Our Streaming 3D, VizStream, makes this possible."

VizStream uses a standard 3D format, XGL, which captures all of the 3D information that can be rendered by the OpenGL rendering library. XGL is supported be a variety of 3D content creation programs. Any XGL file can be added to a Web site using the VizStream WebKit within minutes.

With VizStream, a Web designer has two means of publishing 3D models. The designer can buy the VizStream WebKit and host the 3D content on the company's server. They also have the option of getting a 3D SP account, by which RealityWave hosts the content and streams it from one of its servers to the designer's site.

Once the model is on the server they direct the VizStream ActiveX control, on the Web page, to the 3D model or environment. When a user visits the site, the ActiveX viewer (200K) automatically downloads, installs and begins streaming 3D content.