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Energis Buys Links Between Six More Cities in Europe

Broadband service provider Global TeleSystems (GTS) announced Friday that Energis Carrier Services (ECS) has ordered an Optical Sub-Network (OSN) service between Zurich, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg.

Initially, ECS will purchase a 2.5 Gbps dedicated bandwidth channel to connect the five new cities. It already has a similar connection between London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

"As the e-business revolution drives a growing hunger for capacity in Europe, carriers like ECS are harnessing the power of our IP-enabled trans-European network to meet the needs of their customers," said Gerard Caccappolo, president of GTS Carrier Services.

Ray Ridgwell, managing director of ECS, said that the GTS network was the most robust international network in Europe and was helping ECS to become one of the premier carriers in the region.

The OSN service uses dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology which enablels huge volumes of data to be transmitted in comparison to networks of an earlier generation.

ECS will be able to upgrade its 2.5 Gbps dedicated bandwidth channel to 10 Gbps while also expanding it to other OSNs on the GTS network.

GTS operates the largest cross-border fiber-optic network and the largest Tier-1 IP backbone in Europe. Its European headquarters are in London and it has offices in 80 European cities.

Earlier this week Energis announced it has invested £7.5 million ($12 million) in Broker-to-Broker Networks Inc. (B2B), a financial e-commerce/online broking software and support company. The investment brings a 30 per cent stake in B2B.