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Lava.com Offers 3d Music Video Authoring

Creative Labs this week released LAVA! Producer from LAVA.com, a software solution to offer interactive 3D MusicVideo entertainment on the Internet to the mass market.

LAVA! Producer is designed to enable artists to construct 3D Music Video scenes to accompany their songs without the need for software programming skills. The tool features 3D object replacement and object scaling within LAVA! scenes, as well as integration with the Video Blaster WebCam products from Creative Labs and an 'MP3/MusicVideo3D' locking option.

"While hundreds of thousands of artists are already flocking to the Web to post their songs with their hopes of being heard and perhaps discovered, there have been no practical promotional tools available to them which are affordable, easy to use and suitable for wide Internet deployment." said Barry Raskin, director of LAVA.com at Creative. "The LAVA! Producer is the first solution available for emerging and independent artists to use as a powerful form of visual expression, and as a critical tool to distinguish themselves from the crowd, just as elite artists have enjoyed through MTV and VH1."

With LAVA!, music listeners can experience their MP3s accompanied by LAVA! MusicVideos, environments of 3D objects, textures, images and messages that evolve in sync with the music.

The LAVA! Producer is set to be available in March for $29.95 via download at LAVA.com.