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European Company Offers Free Personal Domain Names

European start-up NamePlanet.com is offering free personal e-mail addresses in the form of firstname@lastname.com.

NamePlanet.com claims to have the world's largest selection of domain names and is planning to launch its service in the coming weeks not only in ten European countries but in the United States as well.

Lars-Odin Mellemseter, chief executive officer and co-founder of NamePlanet.com, said there was no need to settle for an address such as JohnR217@hotmail.com when the same user could have John@Riggs.Net.

"Through our service people can share domain names with their family and other people with the same last name," said Mellemseter.

The other co-founder of NamePlanet.com, Chief Technology Officer Geir Rasmussen said that the service solved the problem where one person prevented others from using a common last name as a domain name.

"We are proud to be the first company worldwide to offer free personal email addresses, and we believe this will revolutionize the global Web mail market," said Rasmussen.

NamePlanet.com says it has registered more domain names than any other operator, including all the most common U.S. family names and many others.

Initially, NamePlanet.com will make the service available in Norwegian and English, but will add other languages soon. Eventually it will operate in the U.S., Norway, the U.K., Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

NamePlanet.com plans also to offer personal home pages using addresses based on users' names, such as www.john.thommesen.com. It says it will provide free web redirection and free hosting for the pages.

Meanwhile, in the U.K., building contractor Greg Roberts has invested £35,000 ($57,000) to purchase the domain names of over 600 London neighborhoods. As a result, his company Airmill is offering e-mail addresses such as user@chinatown-london.co.uk.