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UUNET Rolls Out ADSL for Canadian Businesses

UUNET this week launched Canada-wide business-class ADSL Internet access services through the release of UUlink ADSL.

UUlink ADSL operates at speeds of up to 2.2 Megabits per second downstream (receiving data) and 640 Kilobits per second upstream (sending data).

Beginning with widespread availability throughout Ontario and Quebec, the service provides economical, higher-bandwidth Internet access to the small to medium business community.

ADSL technology dramatically increases the capacity of ordinary telephone lines into the home or office, providing faster more cost-effective Internet access compared to traditional ISDN technology.

"ADSL technology is dramatically changing the online experience for businesses and consumers alike," said Tal Bevan, President of UUNET's Canadian operations.

"Small businesses are demanding big-business Internet capability, and we're answering that need for speed with a service that is both economical and comes with all the benefits of partnering with a world-class Internet provider."

UUNET offers a wide range of Internet services to businesses, online service providers, and telecommunications firms.

MCI WorldCom and Sprint have announced a merger, which they expect to close in the second half of 2000, following regulartory and shareholder approvals. The new company will be called WorldCom.

Bell Canada previously introduced its own DSL service, which the new UUNET brand will rival.