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Advantech Offers Landlords Portal for Wired Homes

Swedish company Advantech's portal unit Thalamus.net will soon be launched, with the intention of helping property holders implement broadband services.

The first release of the portal is expected to launch in April. It will supply local content from local servers, including the delivery of films, news and games on demand to local households.

"Our broadband portal is focused to the landlord that wants to develop relations with their tenants and at same time offer high speed connection to the Internet. Thalamus shall be an alternative to the bigger public portals," said Thomas Rebermark, Marketing Director of Advantech.

"This new portal will also become a natural way of keeping the tenants informed about the building and the local residential area. It will also be a nice starting point for information, communication, entertainment and education," he added. "It's important to us that the local support is strong."

Services to be included in the Thalamus.net site are a bulletin board with information about the building, a buy and sell site, and a forum to report defective facilities. Later on, the portal will also include chat and a system through which heating and alarm systems can be monitored.

Residents can influence what type of services will be implemented in each building.

In the race to offer flat-rate broadband connections to Swedish households, several companies have started to offer more soft values such as local servers and portals.