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Kasten Chase to Focus Wireless Technology on Internet

Kasten Chase this week announced that it will refocus its wireless networking technology on its core business initiatives in the areas of Internet access and data security.

At the same time, Springboard Wireless Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kasten Chase, announced that it plans to license its wireless Data Communications System (DCS) for Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) to all interested rail industry equipment suppliers involved in providing CBTC systems and/or related products and services to the rail and transit sector.

"Our leading edge wireless devices with fully integrated IP (Internet Protocol) routing capabilities over fibre optic backbone networks have great applicability for Internet access and data delivery," said Terry Kulka, president and chief executive officer at Springboard.

He said that Springboard can no longer focus on wireless capabilities solely in the rail and transit sector given the unique strengths and universal attributes underlying its wireless technology.

By moving its existing and anticipated business relationships with organizations in the rail and transit sector principally to technology licensing agreements, the company will reduce its overheads in this particular market sector while realizing a more immediate return on its investment through the sale of licenses.

"Clearly, the opportunity to apply our wireless technology and capabilities in new and rapidly growing market sectors where we are well positioned for success exists no," said Kulka. "We intend to move quickly to capitalize on the multitude of applications for this highly innovative technology."

Kasten Chase invests in the identification, development and marketing of advanced technology solutions in the areas of e-business, wireless data communications and data security solutions.