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WebCriteria Updates SiteProfile Service

WebCriteria Inc. delivered the next generation of its SiteProfile service featuring "Max," an intelligent browsing agent designed to simulate the way an average user sees, thinks and moves through a Web site.

Max can determine how fast and easy it is for people to navigate Web sites and find desired content or products, enabling improved retention of first time visitors and better click-to-close sales ratios, the company said.

The company also announced the availability of its Visitor Satisfaction Profile (VSP), a Web-based survey offering real-time feedback on customer satisfaction, and SiteAdvisory Services, which offer detailed usability analysis of report findings.

The enhanced SiteProfile reports are now delivered over the Web enabling click-through from high-level summaries to detailed data on site usability. SiteProfile now includes more supporting data on each of the metrics to help e-businesses pinpoint areas for improvements and take action.

SiteProfile measures the impact of site design on load times and evaluates the site's accessibility, or ease of navigation. For content, SiteProfile evaluates objective aspects including freshness and composition.

Annual subscriptions to SiteProfile reports now contain trended data giving site managers a long-term perspective on changes in the user experience of their site compared to competitors' sites.

"The SiteProfile measurements obtained through Max correlate with actual users' perceptions of ease of use," said Alistair Williamson, chief executive officer and president, WebCriteria.

"With web browsing behavioral rules incorporated into Max, WebCriteria is uniquely positioned to analyze web sites from a true end-user perspective rather than measuring the performance of technical systems."

SiteProfile annual subscription services range from $4,000 to $20,000. Visitor Satisfaction Profile annual subscription packages begin at $14,500. SiteAdvisory consulting begins at $26,000.