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Netscape Claims 25 Million Members

Netscape's acquisition by America Online Inc. last year did not hamper its growth, as the company Tuesday reported 25 million members to its Netcenter portal and offered browser fans information on the anxiously awaited release of its new browser.

Netcenter increased its membership from 10 million in January 1999 to 25 million. The company's portal provides community tools such as a search engine, informational content, chat, e-mail and download tools. The site was redesigned in December, which the firm said helped to boost membership. Also helping to boost membership has been the integration of some of America Online's (AOL) 21 million members. AOL bought Netscape last November.

Measurement firm Media Metrix recently reported that Netcenter is one of the five most visited sites from work, and as a result the company has focused the site to reflect business visitors.

Netscape also announced Tuesday that the application that helped introduce the world to the World Wide Web is about to get a new look. A beta version of Netscape's new Internet browser suite -- powered by Netscape Gecko -- is scheduled to be available to the public for download within the next 60 days.

"Netscape is on the move," said Jim Martin, senior vice president and general manager of Netscape Netcenter. "These new metrics demonstrate the continued excitement over Netscape since it joined the AOL family and foreshadow the even greater success we expect in the future."

"With the beta of our new browser available within 60 days and other exciting developments in the pipeline, we are energized to build on this momentum."