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IMS HEALTH Launches Intranet for U.K. Health Firm

IMS HEALTH Inc. Wednesday launched NPAnet, an intranet that provides Net access for pharmacies that are members of the National Pharmaceutical Association of the U.K.

The NPA represents approximately 95 percent of all pharmacy owners across the U.K. NPAnet, which went live on Feb. 14, is the latest in a series of Web-based services and products launched by IMS HEALTH (RX), designed specifically for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.

NPAnet is a secured, firewall-protected intranet which can be accessed at the cost of a local telephone call by all NPA member pharmacies throughout the country. NPAnet is hosted by IntraPharm as part of the IMS HEALTH network. IntraPharm offers automatic downloads of the latest pharmaceutical product and pricing updates and a list of the top 50 over-the-counter products, refreshed on a monthly basis. Along with special promotions from manufacturers, pharmacists will also be able to access contact details of doctors and other pharmacists for improved communications by telephone or e-mail.

"Following our launch of IntraPharm to community pharmacies, NPAnet is a logical step in networking U.K. pharmacies," said Peter Strom, general manager, IMS HEALTH United Kingdom. "NPA members will benefit from a host of services and functions, including Web-based NPA Member Services and up-to-the-minute pharmaceutical and medical updates."

Last month, IMS HEALTH announced its IntraPharm Internet network for community pharmacies in the U.K. IMS HEALTH is the world's leading provider of information solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.