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Tickets.com Enables Home Box Offices

The days of sleeping outside the Civic Center box office for Springsteen tickets are over, thanks to a new partnership between Tickets.com and Encryptix Inc. to allow home ticket-printing for concerts and other events listed on the ticketing site.

Tickets.com (TIXX) injected an undisclosed investment into EncrypTix, a subsidiary of Stamps.com, Inc., which provides secure, authenticated online printing technologies for live events, movie, travel and financial services industries.

In addition to the investment, Tickets.com will use EncrypTix's technology to offer consumers with a "virtual ticket window," allowing people to print tickets from home -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right up until show time. Users buy the tickets online, then print out the tickets with an ordinary home printer. No additional hardware or software is needed, the companies said.

"EncrypTix will dramatically enhance the way Tickets.com serves its customers with real-time delivery of tickets that today must be printed on authenticated security paper or ticket stock and delivered physically through the mail, common carrier or will call," said Jim Rowan, EncrypTix president and chief executive officer.

"EncrypTix will essentially provide a secure delivery service through the Internet which will remain invisible to the consumer."

EncrypTix said its service is designed to prevent fraud, even over the Internet. The company uses a special encryption technology to prevent foul play when purchasing and each ticket is printed with a bar code that identifies the buyer of the ticket. Since the bar code identifies the holder, any ticket holder who tries to make a duplicate can always be traced, the company said.

With the deal, Tickets.com became the latest in a cadre of online ticket firms and subsidiaries to get their pirce of the home online ticket printing market. Late last January, E-Stamp Corp. (ESTM) leapt into the online ticket fray by adapting its technology to distribute tickets for events.