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Pacific Internet Launches Pacfusion.com eCoupon Portal

Pacfusion.com, the e-business division of Singapore-based ISP Pacific Internet Ltd., Monday announced its latest Internet retail marketing initiative with the launch of its eCoupon portal.

"eCoupon" is an online coupon Web site positioned as a one-stop hub for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that want to use the Internet as a cost-effective means of directly reaching out to new customers and market segments.

The firm describes eCoupon as a powerful tool businesses can use to gain a marketing edge without incurring the costs of traditional printing and distribution.

Through Pacfusion.com's electronic coupons, businesses can offer special discounts to market their products and services via Pacfusion.com.

Apart from advertising services, Pacfusion.com says they offer partners value-added Web design services in creating these electronic coupons.

"For a nominal advertising fee, companies can engage both new and existing customers by harnessing the power of the Internet to enhance their retail marketing programs," said Larry Ang, Pacific Internet's Group general manager e-business. "Pacific Internet will leverage on its large regional subscriber base to exploit the enormous business potential for our partners."

Currently, eCoupon has teamed up with over 30 partners encompassing a wide variety of categories including beauty & healthcare, travel, education, electronics, food and entertainment.

The portal will also feature a search engine function that allows users to navigate and locate coupons of interest.

Ang that while his firm first launched eCoupon in Singapore, they plan to expand eCoupon offerings to Asia Pacific countries where Pacific Internet has a presence.