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Euro MPs Create e-Policy Think Tank

More than fifty Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are launching a new, non-partisan e-policy think tank on Tuesday this week called the European Internet Foundation.

Any MEP can join the foundation, which is intended to mobilize political leadership by addressing all the issues that are emerging in the network society revolution.

Financed by a small group of Europe's leading e-companies, the foundation says it welcomes support from other enterprises. It says it will establish a full-time Secretariat during the course of this year.

One of the avowed aims of EIFonline.org is to reach out beyond established policy circles of the European Union to give much wider access to EU policy formation.

Already, the foundation is formulating a series of live debates, briefings, and special projects in association with its sponsors. It says it will not take positions on specific issues but will simply help to frame policy options by widening the debate.

Acknowledging the growing number of e-policy issues between the EU and the United States, the new foundation says it will use the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) as a political bridge. Several of its sponsors are already associated with TPN.

At Tuesday's launch of the European Internet Foundation, a visiting delegation of the U.S. Congressional Internet Caucus will be debating with MEPs in the first of many such events.