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New Music Channels Launch in Europe

Bertelsmann International launched two new Internet music channels Tuesday, delivering popular British and German music to fans throughout Europe.

Making the service possible is technology from Westwind Media.com, the Denver, Colorado-based back-end solution provider of audio and video content for the Internet. The American company has established a co-location in Germany specially for the project.

"Westwind Media's co-location facility allows us to bring our multimedia services closer to our European clients, thereby increasing the end user's experience," said Drew Decker, network operations manager of Westwind Media.

Initially, the two channels -- named BOL Radio -- will start with a play-list of 50 songs each, adding 25 additional songs per month.

To keep the play-list up-to-date, BOL.com sends music on a weekly basis to Westwind Media via FTP (file transfer protocol), using the services of online music distributor Fastraxx.

Listeners who enjoy the various tracks can purchase the music simply by clicking an e-commerce feature on BOL's player box. Fans have a choice of first viewing the cover art, or buying a CD immediately online.

Westwind Media reports that there is no technical reason why BOL Radio should not "go live," but the station has chosen to have the music encoded and streamed using Windows Media Player for the convenience of users.

It is expected that BOL will launch up to ten additional radio stations during the next twelve months. To date, Westwind Media has an outstanding contract to equip BOL with just two more stations over the next two months.

Westwind Media has provided broadcast streaming solutions for many other customers, including BET.com, CDNOW, TheStreet.com, Lycos, Fidelity and Smart Money.